There is no evidence that moderate bodybuilding can cause a heart attack, says Freddy Darwalla

Actor Freddy Darwala talks about the different concepts that exist around exercise and its impact on one’s health.

By Juhi Chakraborty

Posted on September 07, 2021 at 09:16 PM IST

After the sudden death of fitness-minded actor Sidharth Shukla at the age of 40, a lot of talk is being made about the celebrity’s fitness regime. While some feel actors go above and beyond in terms of exercise, actor Freddy Darwala, himself a fitness buff, doesn’t believe in blaming exercise.

“There is no evidence that bodybuilding exercises or weightlifting in moderation can cause a heart attack. On the contrary, when done in moderation (about an hour each day), it increases cardio capacity by 40 to 70%. A must have One has proper guidance, transparency, and most importantly, knowledge about the products one consumes.”

The 37-year-old, who is currently filming for the Telugu project in Kashmir, says he has seen people telling gym coaches to follow their diet. “I don’t doubt the knowledge of coaches, but I feel there is a reason why there are sports nutritionists, doctors, and nutritionists,” says Darwala, adding that there are some things to avoid that one should follow and maintain balance.

“There is always a fine line between too much and too little stress. One must listen to their body and tune themselves in sync with the body to understand what they need. But always remember that what suits one may not suit another.”




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