Teaser for Raavan Leela: 1992 star Pratik Gandhi delivers powerful monologue as Demon King, fan says ‘what a performance’

The makers of the upcoming film Raavan Leela, starring Prateik Gandhi, revealed a strong teaser for the film on Monday, sparking audiences’ interest in the film’s take on the legendary Demon Lord.

Movie star actor Prateik Gandhi of SCAM 1992 fame with actor Indrita Rai in the main roles.

Going to his Instagram account, Pratik shared the interesting trailer for the movie with the caption, “Not every movie gives you a chance to act as two diverse characters at once. #RaavanLeela (Bhavai) is a story that allowed me to explore this and much more. This will stay with me. As a learning experience all the time and I can’t wait for you all to witness this in theaters!”


The one-minute movie teaser shows Prateek dressed as Ravan on the stage of Ram-Lila Theatre. Next, he casts a monologue with a strong, heavy voice, and introduces himself as the great Ravan.

The humor also captures his raucous laughter and ends with his official declaration of himself as: “Aham Brahmasmi”.

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The film, which is described as a love story, was presented by Dr. Jayantilal Jada and produced by Dhaval Jada, Akshay Jada Parth Gagar and Richa Aamod Sachan under Bean Studios, Hardik Gagar Films and Backpuncher Pictures.

The film stars Ankur Bhatia, Abhimanyu Singh, Rajesh Sharma, Ankur Vikal, Rajendra Gupta, Gopal Singh, Flora Saini, Anil Rastogi, Krishna Bisht and Bagyashri Mott.

The film is directed by Hardik Gajjar and is scheduled to be released in theaters on October 1, 2021.



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