Tahira Kashyap reveals the moment Ayushman fell in love with the Quran: ‘When you hold the guitar’

Tahira Kashyap and Ayushman Khurana are both just 19 years old Ayushman’s birthday, The filmmaker-writer dealt with a photo the actor had never seen for fans, in which the young and smiling Ayushman happily posed for a photo with Tahira. Sharing the photo, she told of a memory she still cherishes to this day. When Tahira found Ayushman “very good” with her frames, bikes, matching sweaters and mufflers, “when you grabbed the guitar and sang for me” took her heart away.

Tahira said that Ayushman, who has established a special place for himself in the film industry, is still as enthusiastic about the work as he was at the beginning of his career. “You have always been passionate about art and after so many years your innocence and your passion for work and life will remain the same,” she wrote in her post. Calling him his “greatest believer and cheerleader”, Tahira said, “I may not be that big of a romantic (as you say) I’m better, but I want to tell you that life with you and me is awesome. Continue to learn so much from you!”

This post received heartfelt comments from Tahira and Ayushman well wishers. Celebrities like Tisca Chopra, Mukti Mohan, Nithi Mohan, Guneet Monga and others have left ‘Happy Birthday’ comments to the Vicky Donner actor.

Tahira and Ayushman were married in 2008. Both have a son and a daughter. Before work, Ayushman Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui and Dr.G.



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