Sushmita Sen weighs in on love and pain: ‘Love comes and goes but …’

Days later Sushmita Sen. Rohman announces the end of her relationship with Shawl, who had a live session on Instagram where she talked about how she perceives love. The actor’s daughters Renee and Alyssa joined.

The actor performed a new look for the live session. She appeared in a short bob‌ and was all black.

A fan asked Sushmita, “What does respect mean to you?” He asked. Responding to this, Arya said that he values ​​respect more than love. “Respect means everything to me. I will put it (respect) on top of love any day! Because love is something you feel with so much intensity and you come out with the same intensity. Film business and books take you on a very unrealistic love journey where there are no responsibilities and no problems, ”Sushmita responded.

She says, “But where there is no respect, there is no meaning to love. Love comes and goes but if there is respect, there is a second chance to express love. But if you focus only on love it is temporary. If there is no respect, love takes the back seat. How important respect is to me.

Sushmita has been in a relationship with Rohman Shawl for three years. She announced in December that she and Rohman had split up. Sharing the picture of the two of them together, Sushmita wrote, “We started as friends, we become friends !! This relationship is long overdue … love remains !! “

Someone asked Sushma, “Ma’am, what motivates you?” To which, she replied, “If you do not motivate yourself, no one in the world can do it. I watch inspiring people, I watch inspiring people documentary, they are on youtube. They are mostly unspoken heroes, not people we know. So, when I am at least motivated, I go to such people and listen to their words and something in me switches on. Simple stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary work. The company we keep, the people we change. So we have to surround ourselves with such people. And I listen to music.

She says, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is an option. I have always stood out in my life. But fleeing from pain is also wrong, there will be pain, but do not grieve. Another thing about life, I love, is the ability to look back on your life, relationship, work, wherever you are now, but when you look back, you have the confidence and keep doing what you intended. Do, there is a plan, things will not go on, but you have to go along with the tone coming from within you.



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