Sunny Kaushal recalls being rejected for shampoo ad in first audition, says he can’t act

Sunny Kaushal revealed in a new interview that in her first audition she was turned down for a shampoo ad and said he was not a good actor. Sunny will be playing the lead role in the upcoming film ‘Shiddat’.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Sunny Kaushal said, “I remember my first audition for the shampoo ad. In it, the casting director told me that I could not act. I had to take a bottle of shampoo out of the bag and show it to the camera and sell the shampoo. If I didn’t crack it, I’m a really bad actor at the time.

The actor, who appeared in Akshay Kumar’s 2019 film Gold‌, said, “But, that’s what I did today. Good and bad are not important. It gave me courage and strength. Deep in my heart, I really want to advertise shampoo. The day I got the shampoo ad, ‘Man, I’m an actor today!’

When asked how he looks back to his early days in the Hindi film industry, Sunny said, “These days we use the word struggle a lot. It’s such a personal thing. It may be different for different people. How do you define struggle for one another? “

He said, “If I have to talk about myself, I’m from Mumbai. I have a roof over my head, I do not have to pay electricity bills, I do not have to pay any rent. I do not have to worry about such things. ) I want to be. That’s my goal, that’s my goal. “

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He added, “Fighting is a very rethinking thing. You look back and say, ‘Oops! I dealt a lot ‘. One person might say, ‘I went to my first audition and cracked it. That’s great for them, really great. Someone (someone else) might say, ‘I’m four years old, I haven’t achieved it yet.’ I see it that way. I did not crack it on my first attempt. I was rejected in my first audition. ”



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