Step into Sonam Kapoor’s London studio, Anand Ahuja pair with a Coco Chanel-inspired powder room.

Actress Sonam Kapoor on Wednesday gave a glimpse of her London studio and her husband, businessman Anand Ahuja. Taking to Instagram, Sonam shared several photos of the gallery space, stairs at the entrance to the studio, study room, and powder room, among other things. Sonam posed for the camera in dresses by Issey Miyake Chochin and Alexander McQueen.

In the first photo, Sonam Kapoor is standing in her studio/display space next to the sofa of Pierre Augustin Rose. Sonam wore an Issey Miyake Chochin dress in the photo, according to a post by Architectural Digest India on Instagram.

Behind her at Whitman’s table beside Aurior, stood a candle. The right wall is decorated with a ceramic artwork by Lubna Chowdhury, titled Panoramic (2016).

A rug lined the sides of the entrance staircase and a light hung above it. Sonam’s favorite, Vincent Dare’s vase, was standing on a dresser to the left of the stairs.


In the next photo, Muse’s wallpaper featured a group of inspiring women from Coco Chanel to Marie Curie lined up the studio’s powder room. There was a table under the light in the next photo. In one photo, Sonam is sitting at Pierre Jeanneret’s desk with a lamp behind her. Carpet standing under a chair next to the desk.

Sharing the photos, Sonam Kapoor wrote, “Anand and I have been looking for a permanent office for him in London for some time. From the moment we turned the corner into subtle but colorful woodcuts and entered this 3-storey unit, we knew we’d found it and more.”

“nikhilmansata is an inspiring, multi-talented, multi-talented spirit. He is also one of my best friends. We both grew up in India – we are proud and grateful for our complex and beautiful heritage. We have spent the past year transforming the Meos into a serene and inspiring retreat that reflects our love for the heritage, craftsmanship and art of South Asia. Thank you @archdigestindia To capture and share this,” she added.

Sonam Kapoor shares pictures of her home in London, where she lives with Anand Ahuja, on Instagram. She snapped a new photoshoot inside her home as part of Architectural Digest’s September issue feature.

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Meanwhile, Sonam will next appear in the movie Blind. She was last seen on the 2019 edition of The Zoya Factor. She also had a cameo role in Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap’s AK vs AK, which was released on Netflix last year.



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