Son of Sushant Singh Rajput who appears on screen in Chhichhore says SSR treated him like a child, would have made energy drinks

Actor Muhammad Samad, who played Susant Singh Rajput’s on-screen son in Chhichhore, remembers working with the late actor on the film’s second anniversary. Chhichhore, directed by Nitesh Tiwari, was Sushant’s last theatrical release. He died in an apparent suicide on June 14, 2020.

Susante’s last movie was Dale Bishara, which debuted live on Disney + Hotstar after his death. Many fans drew parallels between Chishur’s plot, in which Muhammad Samad’s character attempted suicide, and the possible cause of Sushant’s death.

Samad told SpotboyE, “Whenever Sir Sushant was, it felt really good. I loved talking to him. I went to his house several times to talk to him and sometimes to party. So, I had a great relationship with him and he treated me like his own kid in Chhichhore groups. Also, I had an equation Fantastic with Madam Nitish and Shraddha and this made it a very wonderful experience.”

He continued, “I learned a lot about acting from Sir Sushant. He was explaining to me how to go through things and he did it with a lot of patience and calmness. He used to feel that since I was just an eighteen-year-old he had to explain things to me very calmly and carefully. During the hospital sequence, I was wearing the prosthetics and it was giving me a headache when wearing them, so he used to pay attention and care a lot so he wouldn’t hurt me too much. After that, he would even invite me to parties at his house. So, I learned from him to do your job, to calm down and admit things that comes your way.”

After Susante’s death, Samad took to Instagram to share a photo of Chhichhore, writing in his caption, “How can such intelligent gentlemen do this? You, you are still learning a lot, I still can’t believe and I hope that God will give you the highest place in heaven, I hope you will Rest in peace, sir!”

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Chhichhore, starring Shraddha Kapoor, Tahir Raj Basin, Prateek Babbar, Varun Sharma and others, was released on September 6, 2019. NS200 crores worldwide.



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