Sid Mallya reacts to reports that Priyanka Chopra has ‘rejected’ her for Quantico, saying she opposes such hostility

Siddhartha Mallya, son of liquor baron Vijay Mallya, has reacted to the news that he has been ‘rejected’ for his role in Priyanka Chopra’s first Hollywood project and the three – season American series Quantico.

In an interview, Siddhartha Mallya said that he was making an exception for the Indian media by using words like ‘reject’ and ‘failure’ when talking about subjective things like art.

Quantico was asked about the stories and told the film companion where he stood on his acting journey, “I did not talk about Quantico, it was written about journalists in India. I love that approach … I remember it clearly. You used the word ‘rejected’ and I remember all the press around it, because Priyanka, it’s her show … “

He continued, “They also used the word ‘failed’. I like the way Indian magazines go for these negative terms. The real thing is, you’ve 100 people auditioning for a role. You can’t get the role, someone will get it. You ‘failed’ or ‘ It’s not a test, it’s art, it’s subjective, it’s very funny to me … if so I have failed over 100 auditions. There is a very fast way for people to drive from zero to stardom and movies.

He admitted that he was not far off in his career when he started focusing on his acting career, but he feels he paid off his arrears by doing auditions and going to drama school. Siddhartha says that there are ‘very fast ways’ to achieve success with the ‘access’ he has.

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In a previous interview with DNA, he also talked about auditioning for the ‘Mexican Part’ on the HBO Series True Detective. “They liked my audition, but I didn’t look like a gangster in any sense,” he said.



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