Siarth Malhotra reveals things she doesn’t like about Kiara Advani: She has no love story with me

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Siddharth mentioned his equation with Kiara, as well as what he liked about her. After hearing that a fan of ‘Hardcore Romantic’ wanted him and Kiara, he said, “Sure. The love we’ve earned on screen for Vikram and Dimple, this is the first time we’re working on a love story … it’s got a classic vibe to her film. Brings emotions and climaxes because I think it’s true, so people are connecting. Hopefully, the time has come to choose the right script and the right director, and we’ll be back with a love story soon. ”

When asked about her favorite features in Kiara and what she wants to change, Siddharth said, “My favorite is the off-camera, her demeanor is not like a movie star, she has the feeling that she is a regular person, I appreciate and admire her because I am a regular off-camera , It’s cool and easy.About change, it’s a very harsh word to use … I do not like to change anything, she is an amazing actress .Ok what I can change is … she does not have a love story with me. “He quickly added,” She works with the script and She chose the story. “

When will he get married? He replied, “I do not know, I am not an astrologer. To whom is more important. When this happens, I will let everyone know. There is no timeline, and it must be done correctly. “

Speaking about the female actors she would like to star in, including Kareena Kapoor or Deepika Padukone, she said, “Kareena and I shared screen space with the brothers who did the item song. I’m a big bebo fan … I made an announcement with Priyanka Chopra. It’s a different genre. I do not like casting. “

Asked if he would ever be considered an ‘outsider’, he said, “When you’re not from a movie background, you have to work hard and learn. You have to go around the hard way. You can’t take everyone at face value. In fact, you ‘ve seen people change with the tide, or you’ve seen the hard way. I’ ve been away from the industry a few times to be in a normal state. It’s been nine years, and I’m asking my insiders on my worthiness, not on someone else’s. “



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