Shekhar Kapoor on why projects like Pani starring Sushant Singh Rajput fail: ‘Hopes are different’

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor Provided a philosophical view on why some of his projects could not be implemented. The late Sushant Singh Rajput from 2013 asked him specifically about the ambitious film Pani. Pani is said to be set in the very distant future and will address the themes of the climate crisis. John Travolta Contacted as a co-star at one point.

In a conversation with Film Companion South, Pani’s ‘logical considerations’, as well as its ‘expensive’ budget, were mentioned. In the end, the film was not produced, but after Sushant’s death in 2020, Shekhar Kapoor said that if ever it came to light, he would dedicate the film to the late actor.

In an FC interview, he said, “Filmmaking is like climbing a mountain. When you climb a mountain, you rope with other people. If you pull hard, they will fall, or if they do not want to come with you, they will make you fall.

He continued, “So, choose your team very carefully. And it was not their fault. Not everyone wants to climb Mount Everest. Someone might aspire to make a good movie with me, but they can say, ‘Hey, I’m going to Polly Hill. Why should I go to Mount Everest? ‘ However I want to go to the summit of Everest so I want to make a movie. Often, there comes conflict. Aspirations are separated. It’s not anyone’s fault, everyone is doing it for some reason. Only the director, or the composer or the actor may aspire to overcome the limitations. The producer can say, ‘Where am I? I will take you to a point, but not beyond that.

In a tweet after Sushant’s death, the filmmaker pointed out that a similar controversy had damaged Pani’s production. He wrote, “If you want to travel with the gods or with your creativity, you must walk with devotion every step of the way. In humility. God willing #water will be made someday. In doing so I will dedicate myself to Sushant. However this should be done with partners who walk humbly rather than arrogantly.

He also said that Sushant was so excited to work on this project and he cried when it was stopped. Pani is being produced by Yash Raj Films, which has been in a deal with Sushant for some time, but he is unhappy with the terms.



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