Sharib Hashemi: OTT revived my career and how

scam 1992And assure and then family man 2 – It would not be wrong to say that OTT broker gave new life to Sharib Hashemi. “I totally agree. It has revived my career, and just like that,” he said.

The actor explains how his life turned out after his debut about his movie (2012). “After that, things started to happen, they really changed for me. I was nominated at all the popular awards and won one too. But nothing substantial came my way,” he recalls.

In fact, even the work that he did, was not noticed at that time. Hashmi continues, “I’ve done some indie films that have come and gone, and no one really pays attention to them. I was trying to make some interesting films as well, some of them were frozen, while others got stuck in the middle of the road. Saal nikalte jaa rahe the. Then all of a sudden Family man (TFM) He came and completely changed things for me. Follow the first season assure, And to cheatThey changed things for me in a big way. OTT is such a blessing to me, I am so grateful.”

What Hashmi wasn’t ready for was responding to TFM’s second season. While he had high hopes in his own words, “I had high expectations of my own, but when the show started, my expectations were more than met, and it was far beyond my imagination. I still get so many compliments, it was really great. I feel so lucky to be Part of such an amazing show. The kind of love the whole team has received is actually beautiful,” said the actor, who is now part of more exciting opportunities.

the last one is Majnu . mission Next to Siddharth Malhotra. On how he was shot amid the Covid pandemic, he says, “We’re actually taking all precautions, everyone has done their RT-PCR tests. The crew is always in masks. Otherwise, things are going smoothly, it’s like normal days. We’re back to right track “.



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