Jersey actors Shahid Kapoor And Mrinal Thakur will be seen in the upcoming episode of Kapil Sharma show to promote the film. During the episode, Kapil had fun chatting with celebrities, some of which he uploaded on his YouTube channel.

In one part of the clip, Shahid appears to be talking about working with child actors. Kapoor says that even though child artists are really talented, it is still scary for him to work with them because of their unpredictable nature. Explaining the same thing, Shahid said, “I am really scared to act with children and animals. Acting with them seems very dangerous. They do what they want, they break your rhythm and by the time they give you a good shot, you are half dead in despair. As soon as Shahid said that, both Archana Puran Singh and Mrinal Thakur could not help but agree with him. The trio were a little hesitant to talk about child actors in this way, even though everything was good humor afterwards.

Shahid also played a game in the show where he had to guess the lips of the actors from the short film that Kapil showed him. As it turned out, Shahid was able to successfully guess all the names of the actors. He said that the host was happy to ask him to imagine not only the lips of women but also the lips of male actors, which showed the audience that Shahid is a dedicated actor, he only cares about all the details around him. Life.

Shahid Kapoor and Mrinal Thakur episodes may have been shot before the release date of Jersey (December 31) due to the third wave of Kovid-19. Jersey is a Hindi remake of the Telugu movie of the same name starring Nani.


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