Shah Rukh Khan manager Pooja Dadlani shares unseen photo of Abrams, Yash and Ruhi

Shahrukh Khan manager Pooja Dadlani on Thursday shared the unseen click of superstar youngest son Abrams with Karan Johar twins Yash and Ruhi. Pooja posted the picture in her Instagram articles wishing her friend on the occasion of her birthday.

In the photo, Pooja poses with her friends Abram, Yash, Ruhi and her own daughter Rena. Pooja often shares obvious clicks about himself Shah Rukh, Gauri Khan, And their children Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and Abram Khan on her social media account.

Abram Yash Ruhi Pooja Dadlani Shah Rukh Pooja Dadlani shared this click in her Instagram articles.

Recently Shahrukh Khan’s eldest son was caught up in the Aryan Cruise Drugs bust case. Pooja Dadlani The superstar appeared in court for several days along with the head of security. At the same time, an old Instagram post written by Pooja for Aryan also went viral.

On the occasion of Aryan Khan’s birthday in 2019, Pooja congratulated himself and the star kid with a selfie. The post reads, “He has his father’s intelligence, his mother’s charm and his own sense of humor. Gentle boy with his heart in the right place. Big baby here – Aryan – Happy Birthday too! @___ Aryan ___. “

Pooja Dadlani has been Shahrukh Khan’s manager since 2012 and is like a member of her family.



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