Shabana Azmy’s reaction after fans speculated whether Bigg Boss OTT’s Orphy Javid had a connection to Javed Akhtar.

  • Shabana Azmi has provided clarification after internet speculation about Urfi Javed of Bigg Bos OTT’s relationship with Javed Akhtar. Check out her reaction here.

Posted on Sep 08, 2021 03:07 PM IST

Actor Shabana Azmy’s reaction after she speculated online that former Bigg Boss OTT contestant Orvi Javid is the granddaughter of poet screenwriter Javed Akhtar. Taking to Twitter, Shabana shared a news article about Orvi and made it clear that Orvi had nothing to do with her family.

Shabana Azmy tweeted, “Arif Javed, we have no relationship with us in any way.” The rumors started after Urfi walked out of Bigg Boss OTT house and was photographed at Mumbai airport a few days ago.

Speaking about the rumours, Orvey told The Quint, “It’s really funny that people associate me with Javed (Akhtar) because of my last name.”

Urfi Javed was the first rider to be kicked out of the Bigg Boss OTT home. Earlier this month, the paparazzi asked Orvi if she’d be returning to the Bigg Boss OTT. Orvi responded, “Nahi, nahi, nahi, episodes of Maine dakh lee iten, Hyomari bas ki pat nahi hai etna game khal paana, they are samaj chok hai. Main seedhi-saadhi hoon yaar (No, no, I’ve watched many episodes, and realized That I can’t play a lot of games. I’m a very simple girl).”

When someone asked Orvi about her “competitor” Zeeshan Khan, she said, “Mira Koi’s competitor Nahi Tha Woh, Osuke Okat Nahi Hai Mera, panni ki contest (he wasn’t a competitor to me, he doesn’t deserve it). She blamed her friend Zeeshan for betraying her trust. .

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She is nominated after Zeeshan abandons her and chooses Divya Agarwal as his partner during a mission. Speaking to News18 after her eviction, she said, “It was very unfortunate and I still feel bad about it. Everything that happened to me on the show was unfair because I feel like I was putting in a lot more effort than the other contestants.”




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