Sardar Udham, starring Vicky Kaushal, will be released on Amazon Prime Video: ‘The Story of a Revolutionary’

The Sardar Uddham movie starring Vicky Kaushal is all set to premiere digitally on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Shujit Sirkar, it will go on digital release in October.

A heart-wrenching story of revenge, Sardar Udham It depicts the journey of a brave man who will never let the world forget the lives of his beloved brothers who were brutally murdered in the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

Vicky Kaushal shared this news via an Instagram post and wrote, “My heart was filled with love when I brought you the story of the revolutionary. This October, see #SardarUdhamOnPrime.

Vijay Subramaniam, Director and Head, Content, Amazon Prime Video In an ad, with every story they offer, the story is filled with emotions and depth that takes place in the heart of every viewer.

“Continuing our great partnership with Rising Sun Films, Sardar Udham is proud to present the thrilling story of courage, bravery and fearlessness from the buried treasures of our history and culture. The untold heroic story of Udham Singh needs to be told to the world and honor the life of one of the greatest martyrs in Indian history. We are sure that our viewers across the spectrum will be inspired by this film, and their deep and heartbreaking sacrifices avenged the deaths of many innocent people, ”he added.

Producer Ronnie Lahiri said, “It is a pleasure to make this film that showcases and acknowledges Udham Singh’s patriotism and deeply rooted, selfless love for his homeland. Two decades worth of research and understanding was put in place by the team to present this untold story. Vicky worked tirelessly to bring out the true essence of Udham Singh’s many emotions in his life journey. We look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration with Amazon Prime Video and are delighted to share this historic epic story with a global audience.


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