Sarah Ali Khan along with her mother Amrita Singh visited the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga, which fans call the ‘beautiful mother-daughter duo’.

Sarah Ali Khan visited Ujjain with her mother Amrita Singh. Sarah, on Saturday, left two images of the two appearing at the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva. Sarah captioned the set of photos that received immense love from her fans as “Maa Aur Mahakal”. One of them called Sarah and Amrita “the most beautiful mother-daughter duo”. Sarah recently posted an update from Chakia in Uttar Pradesh

Sarah last appeared on director Anand L Roy’s Atrangi Ray on Disney + Hotstar. The film also stars Dhanush and Akshay Kumar.

In an interview for the Bollywood season, Sarah talks about the love she has for playing the role of Rinku in the film.

While people were saying good things about him and Anand L Roy about the film, the actor said, “The more touching thing is that people are sending messages to our dad and our grandmother.” She said, “I don’t think she ever got messages about my performance. And now she is, and she is forwarding me, which is a great compliment. She saw it for herself, my stepmother, and she loved it. Dad cried. These are all big things. These do not happen every time. This is probably the first time my father has cried with my performance. ”

Currently, she is in the process of shooting the next film of Mimi director Laxman Utkar. She shares the screen space in this untitled film With Vicky skill.



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