Salman Khan’s marriage to musician Bijlani was canceled after she caught him: ‘Invitations also printed’

The personal life of actor Salman Khan has always been a very sensational topic. Music is one of his most famous relationships with Bijlani. They have been dating for over a decade and are on the verge of getting married. She married music cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin and gave up her career in Bollywood. Today, she and Salman are on friendly terms.

Earlier this year, in an interview with the Times of India, she said, “Connections are not broken,” when asked how her friendship with Salman lasted for years. “Connections never go away. Love never goes away between your partners, school friends. People come and go. No one in life stays forever. This does not mean you are angry or resentful. At some point in my life I was a kid and stupid, but I’m an adult now. Life is full of experiences. ”

When starring in Coffee With Karan, Salman almost talked about marrying music. “There was a time when I really wanted to get married, and then it didn’t work out. I’m always been so close. People are cold. ‘ ‘ With the music, the cards and everything is printed, ”he said.

When Karan asked if the marriage had stopped because he had caught her, the actor tried to sidestep the question before admitting “yes, kind of”. He added, “I’m caught. I’m an idiot.” He changed his tune and said, “What are you talking about?”

Salman Khan’s lonely life seems to have upset his family too, Anibaz Khan revealed in his pinch episode with Anil Kapoor. “We’re tired,” he said.

She entered Bollywood in 1987 with Aditya Pancholi opposite Katil. She has also appeared in films like Tridev, Hathar and Jurm. Salman last appeared in Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. The music stated that he hopes to make a comeback through web shows that seem to captivate the audience.


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