Saif Ali Khan’s advice to sons Ibrahim, Jeh and Timur: ‘Make mistakes, but learn from the people around you’

Saif Ali Khan may be a born man, but his acting career has its own share. Written after his early films, he scripted multiple revenues from the edge. He really found his feet when he let go of fears and expectations. Saif was not afraid to experiment when 2.0 was born.

He celebrated the success of his latest film Bhoot Police At Disney + Hotstar (the sequel is in the works), the actor agrees that the advice he wants to give himself at a young age should be more focused. Having said that, he is not afraid to create confusion either now or 30 years ago. “I advise my little one to find your center and stay there. Play each character to its maximum entertainment and keep your mind clear. The same makes us human, to be everywhere at a certain age, a little confusing. The only time you know what it means to be clear , When you are vague.Enjoy the ride, it’s fun, ”Saif said.

Interestingly, if the Hindi film industry is in their minds it is the advice he would like to give to his sons as well.

Saif has Sarah Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan’s first wife Amrita Singh. He is survived by his wife Kareena Kapoor and sons Timur and Jeh. While Sarah Ali Khan He is already a star and his eldest son Ibrahim has not yet announced plans to join the movies. He has appeared on some magazine covers and print ads and is said to be interested in a film career.

Sarah Ali Khan, Jeh.  Saif, Timur, Ibrahim Ali Khan Saif Ali Khan with his children Sarah, Ibrahim, Timur and Zeh. (Photo: Sarah Ali Khan / Instagram)

We asked Saif if he had any advice, or for that matter, if Timur and Zeh ever wanted to become actors. The versatile artist said, “There are a lot of people around you – big stars and great actors, learn from all of them. Try to do good things. Easier said than done. Make mistakes, for sure. But the bottom line is that you have to contribute something to the world we live in and We’re chosen to entertain, so make sure it’s entertaining. ”

But, he reiterated that you should always have fun doing whatever you like. “I would say it’s just actors. Enjoy acting and playing roles,” he added.

The actor was not on Instagram or Twitter, but in response to Sarah being a good social media star, with her witty updates and shayari, the actor admitted that he had heard some of them. Calling his daughter “cultured and respectful of all beliefs”, Saif appeared to be a proud father of how Sarah found her mark in Bollywood.



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