Saif Ali Khan, who mocked the naming of sons Jahangir and Timur, responded to the negative: ‘We are good people, we pay our taxes’

  • Saif Ali Khan responded to the trolling of his two sons, Taimur Wajih.

Posted on September 09, 2021 3:40 PM IST

Actor Saif Ali Khan, who has been lured with his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan to name their two sons Jahangir and Taimur. Now he’s talked about how he reacts to negativity.

A certain section of the Internet misnamed the spouses their first son Timur, which they mistakenly associated with the Turkish invaders. A similar controversy erupted after it was revealed that the couple had named their second son, Jahangir.

In an interview, Saif Ali Khan was asked about the trolling the couple had to put up with from people who found reasons to be angry against their children’s names. He told a leading daily, “The world is not an equal place. People are not equally happy. We are very special people, and I think we are good people. We pay our taxes, we are legal people, we work hard to entertain and do a good job, and we contribute a fair amount of positivity to This world. And commenting on people contributing negativity and division and being horrible is really not worth it. I try to stay away from reading that and focus on something else.”

Kareena and Seif made a deliberate effort to protect J, as he is fondly known, from the media after what happened with Timur. They made sure not to post pictures of his face online and allow him to be photographed by the paparazzi. Even his proper name was first revealed in Kareena’s self-help book, Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy bible.

But in recent weeks, they have become more relaxed about appearing in public with Jeh, and have been photographed by the paparazzi on numerous occasions.

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Earlier in the day, Saif’s sister Saba attacked the pedophiles. She wrote on a social media post, “When a mother holds her baby inside and gives him or her her life… only she and the father… are allowed to decide… from how and what the baby will grow… and the name. No one… no one else.” , including other family members, who might gladly suggest, they have a say in anything! It’s her spirit that nurtured that child. Only parents have rights. Think It’s a reminder to everyone to respect that. Today… Tomorrow. Forever. !!!!”




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