Saif Ali Khan has nothing to do with ‘Go Goa 2’, Vikram says he is excited for the Vedic shooting

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan has said that he has nothing to do with the Go Gone Gone franchise as a producer. Khan, who starred in the 2013 Hindi film Zombie Black-Comedy, co-starred with Dinesh Vision and Sunil Lulla of Eros International.

Directed by Raj Nidimore and Krishna DK, Goa is gone Following the three men – starring Kunal Kemmu, Veer Das and Anand Tiwari – the holiday in Goa turns into a zombie nightmare.

In the film, Khan plays the role of Boris, a zombie hunter who actually turns out to be a Russian mafioso from Delhi.

When asked about the status of the movie sequel, the 51-year-old actor told PTI, “I don’t know about Go Goa Gone 2. I have nothing to do with it anymore. I sold all the rights and moved on from such things. “

In an interview with PTI last year, Vision Plot said Gone to Goa2 The comedy about zombies focuses on aliens, unlike its predecessors.

Go Go Gone 2 has been announced Go Goa Gone was released in 2013 starring Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Kemmu, Veer Das, Anand Tiwari and Pooja Gupta.

“There will be no zombie element, we’re doing it with aliens. The world is like the same emotion, the same comic timing, the Stoner comedy, but the new journey.

We have to provide version 2.0 to every actor in the first part and bring something new, ”Vision told PTI.

Khan’s next film is a remake of the 2019 Tamil blockbuster Vikram Vedha, in which he will be teaming up with Hrithik Roshan. Their last outing was the romantic drama Na Tum Jano Na Hum released in 2002.

“I saw the original Vikram Veda and I am very excited about shooting with Hrithik for this new film,” he said.

Vikram Veda shooting will start from November.

Khan is also looking forward to his other project PrimordialShooting began in February.

Tanhaji’s Om Routh: The Unsung Warrior Fame, a multilingual period saga is an on-screen adaptation of the Ramayana epic, starring Telugu star Prabhas Ramudu and anti-Khan Lankesh.

The actor said that the creative team of Adipurushu would not leave any obstacle to present a “correct portrayal of religion, history and mythology” in the film.

“The film is very unique and diverse. The director, the writer and the whole creative organization are highly educated in the material they are making. I do not care about the ancestor. As long as there is a proper portrayal of religion, history and mythology, they can not misunderstand a single foot, they can not go wrong,” he added.

Last year, Khan’s comments on portraying a “humanitarian” part to Lankesh’s role in Adipurushuni created a sensation on social media and later apologized for his comments that it was not his intention to hurt public sentiments.

With T-Series support, the film was described as a celebration of “good triumphs over evil”.

The work also stars Sunan and Sunny Singh, and Adipurush is set to release in theaters on August 11, 2022. P.



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