Riya Kapoor lounges in the pool on her honeymoon in the Maldives, leaving fans baffled as she talks about ‘kids’

  • Rhea Kapoor is celebrating her honeymoon with her husband Karan Polani in the Maldives. See a photo from their vacation that she shared on Instagram.

Posted on September 06, 2021 at 3:19 PM IST

The newlyweds Rhea Kapoor and Karan Polani are enjoying a honeymoon in the Maldives. She took to Instagram to share a photo from their romantic vacation. In the photo, Rhea is seen relaxing in the pool, wearing a chestnut bikini. Karan appeared in it too, in the background.

“I left the children at Nani’s house,” wrote Riya on her letter. By the kids, she seemed to refer to her and to Karan’s dogs, Russell Crowe Kapoor and Lemon. However, her comment left many fans wondering. Someone asked “what do you mean by comment”. “Do you have children?” Another wanted to know. +


On Sunday, Riya shared a photo from the Maldives, looking like she’s looking out over the sea from her hotel room. She wrote “Out of the Office,” adding an emoji with her hand waving.

Rhea and Karan tied the knot in a simple ceremony at her father Anil Kapoor’s house on August 14 after being in a relationship for over a decade. They first met while producing Aisha, her first production, in which he worked as an assistant director.

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In an Instagram post, Rhea said that she “cry, shivered and turned her stomach all the way” during her wedding with Karan. “After 12 years, I shouldn’t have been nervous or exhausted because you’re my best friend and best man ever. But I cried and shivered and had stomach upsets all the way because I didn’t know how humbling the experience was,” she wrote.

“I will always be that girl who had to come home to Juhu at 11pm before my parents went to sleep. Until now I just didn’t know how lucky I was because I felt so torn. I hope we can make the family so close so that we have lots and lots of love in our lives.” I am karanboolani, anilskapoor, kapoor.sunita, sonamkapoor, and harshvarrdhankapoor forever.”




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