Richa Chadda: ‘When I did the web series, people used to call it demotion, now everyone is doing it’

Actor Richa Chadda said that despite the cost of taking the risk, she consciously tried to overcome the confusion of repetitive work, which was not understood by many in the industry.

Chadda, Anurag Kashyap star in films like Gangs of Wassepur, Neeraj Ghaiwan Mason, Comedy franchise Fukre, Amazon Prime Video Series Inside Edge and this year’s political drama Madame Chief, has been working in the industry for over a decade.

The actress said she has navigated to her highest levels by walking on creative lands that are not directed at trying to “butter” people for work.

“I’m on the edge of this industry here, I do not think they understood me. I always look like the awkward smile GIF that is on the internet.

“Oh, she can say what she wants, she’s really b *** sai, the things she says are sympathetic but the way she says it can seem outrageously rude. ‘I struggle with people who understand me. But I do not care. I can not butter anyone. There is quality, ”Chadha told PTI.

The 34-year-old actor says selected films and shows in his career are the norms in the industry today.

Richa Chadda candy A still from the latest web series Candy by Ronit Roy and Richa Chadda.

“It’s something I’ve done all my life, and now everyone is doing it. When ‘Inside Edge’ came out in 2017, people made fun of me. They called me and said it’s a demotion, my career is over. They’re leaning towards the web series format.

The actress also said that she tried to move things in her career and sometimes tried to cross the line with her work, sometimes it was not accepted on purpose.

“This little ecosystem between Bandra and Goregaon, everyone here thinks, ‘Look at my car, look at my reel.’ Do the same thing, wash and repeat. I still want to make films like mine. “

Inside the edge Richa Chadda in her first web series Inside Edge poster.

She set an example for her 2019 Court Room Drama Section 375 – In which a costume designer was sentenced to ten years in prison after being accused of raping a film director.

Chadha said the film questioned the law and did not want women to be thrown under the bus, which was criticized by a section of people.

“I will attack them (my films) left, right and center. When Section 375 was released, many people thought ‘Oh this is the movie that Bollywood has chosen to choose’.

“It’s a destructive take, a policy drama, it’s questioning gender – neutral law. It’s not talking about how wrong the roles of women are. A lot of these things happen.”

Chada is currently starring with Ronit Bose Roy in the Wood Select thriller series Candy.

After meeting the creators Agrim Joshi and Debojit Das Purkayastha, the actor came into the series where she played a police officer.

She was fascinated by how the makers used the mystery of the makers murder mystery and loaded it with subtexts about parental and father toys.

“It’s set in this foggy, small hill station and adds this weirdness to it, it’s reminiscent of the horror stories I’ve read. It’s a world you do not know if the crime was committed by a creature, existence or person. It’s a dense, layered plot.”

For Chadda, Ashish R Shukla-directed is in line with what she wants to do.

The actor said that today she is at a stage in her career, but she is saying no to far more projects than yes.

“Previously, I took opportunities with new directors, with people I had never met … It’s like diving head first into a shallow pool and smashing my skull with all the pressure. I do not do that today. I do not die of poverty, I want to be creatively happy,” he added.

After the unveiling of the candy trailer, Chad revealed that she was offered five more police roles.

“I’m consciously saying that money, those offers do not come. I do not want to be an actor who thinks, ‘I have dates in October, let it fill in.’

“I want to focus on quality. It was a conscious decision. It streamlined my life,” she added.



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