Richa Chadda: ‘I also received negative reviews for Mason, sometimes declaring you done’

Richa Chadha is leaning towards digital space at a time when new media is making inroads in India. She also warned against it, saying it was a step back. “I was told that whoever goes to the web after making movies is your promotion. Now look at how things have changed,” said Richa. .

Under four, Richa is a regular in the media with a variety of projects and roles. “The interesting thing about the web show is that the character grows with you. As it was on the inside edge, some of the characters said they wanted to get more breathing space. So it’s possible to spend more time developing the character, which I really like,” Richa told

Richa’s latest release, also a web show called Candy She plays a non-nonsense cop in Vote Select. She called her character ‘Layered Woman’. “She has a past, she’s suspended. She’s a single mother of a special child. She’s not trying to ruffle any feathers. She just wants to live.

From becoming super glamorous in Cabaret and Shakila to definitely de-glam in Mason, Serbjit and Love Sonia Richa ChaddaThe characters of are recognizable. But the actor said it was not a cake walk as there were different responses from audiences from all walks of life.

“I also got negative reviews for Mason and I got a positive review for films I never expected to be written anything about. And I’m not saying from a crow’s space you feel honest, if you start giving, it will be very difficult, ”she shared.

Yet Richa said, “Most reviewers are not trained in film appreciation, they are not writers who know about film. Sometimes they make personal attacks and write things that are not constructive. I like to read a negative review that says I need to work on my voice or body language. But this rarely happens. Mostly, they try to get an online thread by deleting an actor. Sometimes they declare you ‘done’, and next they write about how they are killing the kinship industry and real talent. “

Richa Chad Angad Bedi inside the edge Richa Chadda plays actor Zarina Malika and owner of the T20 cricket franchise, Mumbai Mavericks.

Does that mean her new production house is Pushing Buttons Studios, which she set up with Beau Ali Fazal, taking into account the fact that she had limitations when she was just an actor on a project and supporting stories and characters she believed in? She shared that the banner helps to control various aspects of the structure, including supporting budget images.

“I want more creative control. Sometimes scripts have great potential, but people can point out loopholes. And sometimes you may not get the eligible fees on the project, but if you take the executive producer credit or production credit, you get a share of the profits.

Looking back at the characters she has portrayed on screen so far, Richa refuses to choose what she would like to do again if given the chance. According to her it was a “constant battle in the actor’s mind”, where he or she would not like to see the work done. “We may have shot a movie in December, and by March we will feel like a new person due to a spiritual or intellectual growth. Any change in your life will affect your work and how you approach your characters. Because of that, it is a futile exercise because it does not end That’s why most of the time, the actors love the theater. Every show is a new opportunity there. “

Fukri Richa Chada returned Varun Sharma Still Richa Chadda and Varun Sharma from Fukre Returns (2017).

Richa admits that he hates it when people ask him to draw in parallel with the characters he plays. “When someone asks me if I’m Nala, say Zarina or Bholi Punjaban, this is a ridiculous question for me. Zarina is a complex and insecure person, and very ambitious. Also, I’m not a gangster like Bholi Punjaban! But it’s a testament to the credibility of your work.”

What about doing Zarina again in Inside Edge 3, which is expected to be released in the coming months? “I am grateful to the creators who wrote the piece for me. Things have developed so interestingly,” she suggested.

Richa is also preparing Fukre3, She returns as Bholi Punjaban. “The Fukre cast is always fun. In fact, it’s one of the few staff I’ve been friends with,” Richa said, adding that since they do not have many scenes in Fukre, I would like to do an interesting collaboration with Ali Fazal. “Much of my work will be with Chucha (Varun Sharma). So I don’t see it as a movie I worked with Ali on. I think we should all do something good and interesting together. He is an extraordinary actor. He is now blossoming on his own. I was so happy to see him. “

Richa Chadha Ali Fazal Photos Richa Chaddha and Ali Fazal are planning to get married in 2020. (Photo: Express Archives)

Richa and Ali had to cancel their wedding plans due to a Kovid-inspired lockdown last year. She also revealed that despite the fact that their families did not live in Mumbai, the two could not plan anything yet.

“Unfortunately the two of us are not from Mumbai and this discussion did not take place at home either. There are also date issues right now so we do not know when to do this. I definitely want to have fun celebrating, but every time we try to plan anything, a lockdown is announced or something happens, it’s irritating,” he said. Said Richa.

Richa made her film debut in 2008 with Oy Lucky Lucky Oy. For more than a decade, she has been a part of hit movies like Gangs of Wassepur, Section 375 and Panga. However, he refused to call the actor “an integral part of Bollywood”. She says, “Now I don’t even have that aspiration.”

She spoke about the change she has seen in the film industry over the years. “I’m so happy to see the content being created. This is what we wanted to get started and supported when we started. No one can imagine what is happening, that is the key change I see today, ”she concluded.



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