Ranveer Singh was ‘ecstatic’ for Simba 2, Sushi later compared the role to ‘Dal Chawal’.

Actor Ranveer Singh Director Rohit Shetty has said that if he is called for a sequel, he will happily play the role of ‘Bratty’ cop Simba again. Released in 2018, it is part of Simba Shetty’s partner cop films, including two Singam films and last year’s Suryavanshi.

In an interview to BollywoodLife, Ranveer said that he loves playing Simba, and that he should not be surprised if he gets a call from Rohit Shetty soon as the first film always wanted to make a sequel. The actor-director duo are also working on the comedy film Circus.

“It simply came to our notice then. It has always been meant to become a franchise and I will always be in the game whenever Rohit Sir Simba 2 wants to do that because Ranveer said that Simba is my favorite character.

He continued, “He is very naughty, very insane. He has these wisecracks and one-liners. He plays to the gallery. He is very flamboyant, very charming and at the same time very strict. I love being a Simba. That’s it. After making sushi around the world, you should have a dal chawal at home – it’s like dal roti tadke ke saath. I’m hilarious for Simmba 2. Like I said, it was always meant to be a franchise. We all hope this happens sooner rather than later. ”

Ranveer recently appeared in a sports drama 83, In which he played former Indian cricket captain Kapil Dev. The theatrical run of the film was affected by the third wave coronavirus. Despite solid reviews, its huge Rs. The budget of over Rs 250 crore could not be recovered.



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