Ranjith’s ‘Rape Specialist’ in Hindi films of the 70s also affected his personal life. He shared what his wife’s relatives thought of him.

Posted on September 27, 2021 07:01 IST

Actor Ranjith is one of the most popular Hindi movie villains of the 70s. After working in hundreds of movies and often playing the lead prankster, Ranjith earned himself the image of a ‘bully’ or a ‘rape specialist’.

This image not only hindered his chances of getting good roles in movies but also his personal life. He said in an interview with a popular newspaper that it also made it harder for him to find and keep a wife.

“I’m never seen my parents fight; my wife has her views and our arguments, especially our views on politics. Can also speak — what more do I want. My younger brother and sister are married and my parents were really interested in me settling in.

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However, he eventually married Aloka, but it did not come without some disappointment from her relatives. Fortunately, my in-laws did; I insisted on an intimate marriage only with immediate family members. Later, one of my wife’s relatives was angry when she found out I was married. They told our mother-in-law that she should have poisoned or drowned her daughter instead of allowing me to marry her. They told me to check their daughter’s body for signs of violence and tried to provoke them because I’m definitely drunk and hit her every evening. He repeated that if anyone in my in-laws relationship was hurt, it was Ranjit.

Ranjit and Aloka have a son and a daughter. A video of him dancing with his daughter Divyanka was recently shared online.



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