Ranjit: I started playing the role of brother in my career, pulling girls’ clothes for the rest of my life

Ranjith Goli, a popular actor born as Gopal Bedi, is training for the Air Force in Coimbatore, before fate played his role and brought him to the town of Tinsel. The actor, who became known as a villain after starring in Sharmili, came to Mumbai hoping to play the lead role in a film by Ranjit Singh aka Ronnie, which was later discontinued. Just as he decided to leave for good, Sunil Dutt offered him Reshma Sheer Shera.

“I came to Bombay, met here for my second day and had lunch Sunil Dutt, Who immediately took me to Fancy. The next day I met Raj (Kapoor) Saab; Blue eyes, cheeks I first met a very affordable guy! Generally, I meet most industry in a period of 15-20 days. Unfortunately, Ronnie did not introduce me to his quest and everyone thought I was helpful to him. One day, out of the blue, he told me he was going to quit the movie, ”he told the Times of India.

He says he is leaving Mumbai (then Bombay), but he visits Sunil Dutt’s office to help a friend and finds out that Dutt Sahab (as Sunil affectionately calls Dutt) has a character.

A friend asked me to work in a production house and before leaving the city, I took him to the Dutt Saab office. There, the manager told me that Dutt Saab was angry at me for trying to stay in touch with me for a role and not being able to. I landed in ‘Reshma Sheer Shera’. The next day, Mohan Saigal was asked if he wanted to do a small role in his ‘Sawan Bhadon’ film and I said yes. That’s how I started my career – playing two brothers in two back-to-back releases, but Phir poor Zindagi Main Ladkion Ke Kapde Khinche Reh Gaya (for the rest of my life, I’ll continue to play the buddy who abused women), “Ranjit Sunil Dutt revealed naming himself Ranjit Goli .

However, the 80-year-old said he had no regrets in his career. He talked about giving up the chance to act Sholay Gabbarga, eventually went as far as the late Amjad Khan and became a historical figure in Indian cinema. The Yarana actor recalled being called a ‘rape specialist’ on the sets, but admitted that it was not ‘obscene’. In fact, he joked that the change in fashion had killed his career, saying, “Women are starting to wear such short dresses, yet there is nothing to pull off.”

But did his on-screen avatar have an impact on his off-screen life? In an interview with Indianexpress.com, Ranjit said that his “image” never bothered him when he was alone and it was difficult after getting married. “People believe you ‘re the one who’s playing. I’m going to Delhi to see my daughter on the weekends. We’m going to restaurants. I had to make my order as loud as possible to make it clear that I did not want to give people stupid ideas, ”he said.

“When I did my first gray role in Sharmili, I was kicked out of my house. I came from a very orthodox family. , After the shot, we all make fun of it, ”he said.

Right now, Ranjit is enjoying his life to the fullest. His Instagram account today is a glimpse into his life and a nostalgic trip to the past. When he was away from the world of movies and web-series, he told indianexpress.com that his son was preparing for his debut.



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