The age and work size of the actors are inversely related, which is a common notion that at least Rahul Dev does not seriously agree with. The actor, who turned 53 on September 27, said his career has never been better and he has never been busier for the past two years.

“The way everything (me) is shaping up is not entirely logical to what I hear. People say, ‘Har sal omar ke saath kum kum hota hai.’ I’m working. Who said old actors can’t find work? I’ve done eight projects in the last two years. Ab Main Kya Bolu. “

At a time when the epidemic has slowed down the entertainment industry, the actor is thankful that his career has been untouchable.

“Professionally, this is the right year for me. I shoot every day. It’s unusual when people are sitting at home without work. In fact, the makeup artist I hired has not seen the camera for nine months,” Dev, who has starred in projects such as, shared. Who is your father? Empire.

As the birthdays are a year older, Dev is proud of his age and does not believe in hiding it.

“I’m not bones about my age. It’s online like other hidden actors. They choose not to be there. Everyone knows exactly how old I am. It does not matter as long as you are healthy. I survived this epidemic; it has not yet touched me. This is a great blessing for me, ”he said.

As for his celebration plans, the actor is going to spend his day with his partner Mugdha Godse and his spiritual mentor who went to India.

“It will be spent in the grace and fellowship of my spiritual master. It is a very lucky birthday for me. Visiting me from abroad in this epidemic is like a conspiracy by the universe. I thank him so much for making it possible. I and the innocent are going to be with him,” he signed.


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