Actress Radhika Madan says that she was able to escape the clutter that came with fame by working with directors like Vishal Bhardwaj and Vasan Bala early in her career. Madan, who started her career on TV with popular show Mary Aashiqui Tum Se Hai in 2014 before switching to Bhardwaj’s Pathakha and Bala’s Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota, believes she has grown into a better person over the past few years.

“I’m grateful to have worked with them on my first two projects, because my foundation has become so strong.
“I understand what craft is, how I want to hold on to it until my final breath,” Madan told PTI in an interview.

Leaving a successful career at the peak also prepared her to navigate Bollywood. The actor says she is a part of the industry today because she stays away from “nonsense”. “When I left the TV, I was told that fame on TV would come and go at the same pace. When I was working on TV, why would I want to attach myself to something temporary. Isn’t that self-destruction?”

“When I left the TV, I didn’t realize when the fame was gone. Until someone pointed at me, ‘Oh you weren’t spotted at the airports.’ But I felt better. “

She realized that not sticking to temporary things was a conscious effort from her end. “It also helped me in the film industry, not to be associated with the image that is trivial or people creating for you. All these years in the industry have turned me into a person. I have grown a lot and matured.

“I have more sympathy today, which means I can get a lot more sympathy with my characters and can not judge them. If you met me seven years ago, ‘She has no depth!’ Now I want to do something that constantly scares me and stop it from growing forever, ”said the 26-year-old actor.

Her goal to pursue new stories is to decide how she wants to be part of Shiddhat, which has co-stars like actor Diana Penty, Mohit Raina and Sunny Kaushal.

Matan recalls meeting Shiddat producer Dinesh Vision after Patakha for the film, but instead took part in his production in English medium, starring the late Irrfan Khan. After English Medium, Madan shot for Shiddat, which became her fourth film.

The actress said that Kunal Deshmukh-directed was an opportunity to take the new era of romance as a refreshing one. “Today, love is just a swipe away. What do you do when love knocks on your door in its purest, most honest form? How do we deal with it and are we even prepared to face it now? That plot really fascinated me.
“Some part of me has always wanted to do a romantic drama and I’m glad it came in the form of an unexpected story. Shiddat it’s not, it’s a revenant, a relative film.”

In the film, Madan plays a practical woman named Karthika, but in real life, she says that “Kaushal’s character is like” Jaggi “” is everyone’s heart “. “Karthika shared everything in her head, even love. I had to understand what she was doing because I was opposite her. When I fell in love, I was there. There was nothing in between. It was so easy for me, pure. I love being weak in love. “

Shiddat is set to release on October 1 on Disney + Hotstar.


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