Priyanka Chopra says she was embarrassed to play the role of ‘sexual predator’ in the Aitraj screening: ‘Parents are watching’

Priyanka Chopra talks about her role as a ‘sexually charged character’ in Aitraj at the age of 21 and how the positive response to the film changed her script choices. She said people had warned her not to take on the role and that the audience could not see her with ‘purity’.

Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor also star in Aitraj, directed by Abbas-Mastan. Priyanka now plays a woman trapped in an unhappy marriage due to sexual development at her ex-boyfriend who works under her husband. When he resisted her, she accused him of raping her.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Priyanka said that the heroines of the day were ‘naturally, pure, good girls’ but her character was ‘bad b *** h’. “Since my character is a sexual harasser, I’m 21 or 22 years old, and people say: ‘If you play a character with such a sexual charge, I do not know if your audience can see you with such purity. That dream girl. ‘ The girl you want to take to your parents, basically, you want to take to your bed, ‘she said.

However, Priyanka was ‘shocked’ to see how well her role in Aitraj was received. “I will never forget, we were at the screening‌ and I was scared. I was also ashamed because my parents were watching this too. When the movie was over, the people stood up and started clapping. There were some other huge stars in the movie, but I walked out of the theater and people were standing outside to greet me. And it’s a very crazy moment in my head, because after this movie I’m built up in my head that I will be canceled and that no one will ever work with me again, ”she said.

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Priyanka said that Aitraj had changed her career and encouraged her to take up projects that ‘scared her’. She won the Filmfare Award for Best Villain for her performance in the film.

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