Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas spend Saturday golfing with friends. see pic

Taking a break from back-to-back concerts, Nick Jonas spent Saturday afternoons on a golf course with his wife Priyanka Chopra and friends. Priyanka retweeted a photo from the session on Instagram Stories.

In the photo, Nick, Priyanka and their friends pose in front of the camera after the match. He wears a white polo shirt with a black collar and black shorts. Priyanka also wore a white polo shirt with black pants. Both were also wearing hats. While sharing the photo, Priyanka wrote, “What a fun day @chartytwothumbs and this hole punch at @johnlloydtaylor.”

Earlier on Friday, Priyanka attended the Jonas Brothers party in Idaho, Utah. She was seen swinging backstage to the musical, and Nick and his brothers – Joe and Kevin Jonas – performed to a cheering crowd.

The Jonas Brothers are currently on tour recalling this one, the first since the pandemic began last year. They held another concert in Utah on Saturday night and performed to 22,000 people, according to their official Instagram page. Remember, this tour is the 11th tour for the Jonas Brothers and is expected to run through October 27 with a closing show at the Hollywood Bowl.

Nick kicked off the tour in Las Vegas in August with a celebratory cake from Priyanka. Nick shared a photo of the cake, writing in the caption, “Thanks @priyankachopra, you are the best. I wish you were here.” The cake was decorated with a picture of the Jonas brothers and iced with the words “Congratulations.”

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Priyanka has been in London since last year, working on various projects. She returned to the US last week to be by Nick’s side. She previously spoke to People magazine about how she kept in touch with Nick during their breakup, as she is currently filming her new show Citadel in London. “Nick always says this to me: ‘I will always be in your corner.’ He told me that very early on,” Priyanka said in January.

“That was before we got married. I think at one point we were disagreeing about something, and he’d say, ‘I’m always in your corner.'” We’re not on different sides of the room. “I changed the way I used to talk to him.”



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