Priyanka Chopra has agreed to move on to the role of Mary Kom ‘Northeastern Man’, revealing about playing the role of ‘sexual predator’ in Aitraj at the age of 21.

Actor Priyanka Chopra In a new interview, she reflected on playing the role of ‘Sexual Predator’ in the hit film Aitraj early in her career. Looking back, she agreed to act as a culturally appropriate actor boxing icon Mary Kom In the biopic.

In the latest edition of Vanity Fair’s video series where actors break up their careers, Priyanka talks about the most crucial moments of her career from winning the Miss World pageant as a teenager to appearing in The Matrix Resurrections.

The actor said that not everyone was on board with her first Hindi film Aitraj, a ‘remake’ of the Hollywood hit Disclosure, and her decision to play a negative role so early in her career. She said, “Back then, the big heroines who starred in mainstream commercial movies had to be very, very sober, pure, good girls. Against my role in Aitraj‌, he was a bad b ** ch. At the time, it was too much.

She continued, “Because my character is a sexual harasser, and I’m 21 or 22 years old, and people say, ‘If you play a character with such a sexual charge, I don’t know if your audience can see you. Swapna Sundari ” Priyanka describes her role as ‘the girl you want to take to your parents and you want to take her to your bed’. She says.

Priyanka Chopra said it was fun to work with Mary Kom as well as boxing coaches from Manipur.

As Priyanka said about Mary Kom, the film still holds a special place in her heart due to the time she spent with the boxer. But she admitted that she did not look like herself. Priyanka said, “This part may have gone to people from the Northeast. But as an actor I was eager to get a chance to tell her story, because as a woman she inspired me so much.

Priyanka’s casting in the film was controversial even at the time, and in recent months her co-star Lynn Laishram has faced criticism in her film.

Priyanka enters Hollywood with lead role in ABC series Quantico. She next appeared in the romantic comedy Text for You, and then on the Amazon Prime video series Citadel. She will be returning to Bollywood in the upcoming Ji Le Zara.



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