Priyanka Chopra angry over Australian journalist’s derogatory remark: ‘Frustrated me’

Actor Priyanka Chopra In a new interview he talked about the dichotomy of fame. On the one hand, she understands that every social media post she shares is put under a microscope, and on the other hand, deletion can sting.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Priyanka recalled that she was really angry when an Australian journalist asked her how she qualified to announce Oscar nominees. She also commented on speculations about her marriage after she removed ‘Jonas’ from her social media handle.

Journalist Peter Ford responded by saying that Priyanka and her husband Nick Jonas were in the process of announcing the Oscar nominees, “I was not usually mad, but it made me angry,” she said of the Oscar event. Both of these but I am not sure if their contribution to the films will qualify the Oscar nominees to be announced. At the time, Priyanka responded by retweeting on Ford and added a screen recording of her over 60 acting credits.

“I get mad, I get angry, I get irritated. I talk to my family about it. I may cry a little, but it has not changed my relationship with my work and what my real quest is. My quest is not public opinion. My quest is my work. My quest is to make sure that when someone sees the work I have done it moves them or they enjoy it. My personal life, who I am, all of this is not my job, ”she continued.

Recently, it was rumored that her three-year marriage was on the rocks after she left out Jonas’ surname on Instagram. Within 12 hours Priyanka gave a break to the rumors by commenting on one of Nick’s posts. But before that the subject could not snowball. “It feels very harmful, in fact, if I post a picture, everything behind me in that picture will be zoomed in and people are going to speculate. This is just a professional risk. Because of the social media buzz, because of the dominance that exists in our lives, it seems so much bigger than that. I think in real life we ​​give it a lot more credibility and I don’t think it needs that, ”she said.

Recently, Priyanka appeared in a supporting role The Matrix Resurrections, Thanks to Warner Bros.’s controversial 2021 release strategy, which dropped at the box office, opening the door for the studio to launch every movie day and date on the HBO Max streaming app and immediately piracy them. She will soon appear on Amazon’s citadel, the prestigious spy series produced by Joe and Anthony Russo, for the romantic comedy Text for You, which was filmed in England last year.



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