Prem Chopra turns 86: At this age, I do not want to go out unnecessarily

At 86, actor Prem Chopra wants to take it slow and easy when it comes to work, and doesn’t really like stepping on the movie set amid the epidemic to stay busy.

For the legendary actor, who turned one year old on September 23, the ongoing health crisis has also muted his birthday celebrations.

“I celebrate my birthday with my family. There will be one Mortar In the morning, and then we all meet for lunch and dinner, ”he tells us, recalling how things were different before the epidemic came.

“I used to have a big birthday party where all my friends would come and enjoy the party. But now, you can not do big parties because of Kovid, and we are not even allowed to do that. So, it’s a pleasure to be alone with close ones. Now, we receive greetings from everyone. And we hope everyone will live a blessed life, ”Chopra said.

In his six-decade career, the actor has earned Bollywood the status of the most disgusting villain by redefining the image of a bad guy on the big screen with dialogue.Prem Nam Mein Mera … Prem Chopra“His on-screen personality is remembered by many.

However, much has changed when it comes to the villain image, as he says, “Previously, people could not digest the fact that a villain could play a positive role, but that has changed with the advent of TV and OTT. Now, the audience is ready to play a positive role even with the bad guy. ”

When it comes to work, Chopra will play a special role in the upcoming film Bunty Babr Babli2, Waiting for the green light for the theatrical release.

“The film just lied to the producer. They don’t want to release it on the OTT platform but only in theaters. I also have another project, To the ship. Right now, I want to work, but it’s exciting. Only then am I ready to go out. At this age I do not want to do it unnecessarily, because then it will be a waste of time, ”he said,“ So, I find life easier and more enjoyable. ”


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