Pratik Gandhi on changing the title of Ravana Leela to Bhavai: ‘Does it solve anything?’

While the title of his upcoming film Ravana Leela (Bhavai) Just one part was changed to Bhavai to respect the sentiments of the audience, actor Pratik Gandhi said on Tuesday that the reorganization was “not the answer to the broader question”.

The film is set against the backdrop of Bhavai, a popular folk theater form from Gujarat Scam 1992 – The Harshad Mehta story Star is the first Hindi feature film lead.

The decision was made after the makers received a request from the audience for a title change and “respecting their sentiments”, according to a statement.

Directed by Hardik Ghajjar, Gandhi played the role of Rajaram Joshi, the stage artist who played the role of Ravana in the Ram Leela presentation, a traditional Ramayana performance.

Bhavai is a film about two people who work in Ram Leela and how it affects their personal lives.

The 41-year-old actor said the film does not glorify Ravana.

Pratik Gandhi Pratik Gandhi’s film Bhavai is set to release on October 1.

“We are not showing any description of Ram or Ravana in this film. The film is not about it at all. So if some sentiments in the society are hurt, the team felt that we have no objection to changing the name if it is satisfactory to them. But I am sure it will not answer the broader question. , But will it solve anything? ”Gandhi said.

He said audiences must understand the difference between reel and real life.

“Then if someone played the role of Hanuman, wouldn’t he get married? It shouldn’t be like that. The actor’s job is to provide the story to the audience through the screen. The actors also have a personal life and when the audience forgets it, that’s the problem, it’s the movie story,” the actor said.

Earlier, director Ghajjar said the team was confident that Bhavai would entertain the audience.

“I am happy to respect the wishes of my shareholders and audience. The love we have for cinema so far echoes the need for a good film today.

“The audience will be overwhelmed with love for Pratik and his work and we hope that this film will not only see it multiply. It is a film that is close to our hearts and we are confident that the audience will also like it with their hearts,” Gajjar said in a statement.

Bhavai stars Aindrita Ray, Rajendra Gupta, Rajesh Sharma and Abhimanyu Singh in key roles and is set to release theatrically on October 1.

The film was presented by Dr. Jayanthilal Gada (Penn Studios) and co-produced by Dhawal Jayanthilal Gada, Akshay Jayanthilal Gada, Parth Ghajjar and Hardik Ghajjar with Backbencher Pictures.

Gandhi has acted in the past Lavayatri and Mitran in Hindi films, and Gujarati films like Bay Yaar and Wrong Side King which won National Award for Best Film in Gujarati.


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