Nani doing Hindi remake of Shahid Kapoor jersey: ‘He’s smart’

Shahid Kapoor’s sports drama Jersey is all set for a theatrical release. The film is a Hindi remake of the Telugu original starring Nani with the same title in 2019. It was directed by Gautam Thinnanuri and he is also directing the Hindi version of the film.

Recently, in an interview, actor Nani opened up about remaking his 2019 superhit film in Hindi and what he is thinking Shahid Leading it. “Gautam (Thinnanuri) showed me some pictures – the original director, and it’s very promising. Gautam is a man with very few words, although he likes anything – I know but not everyone can say – I can see on his face when he likes something. When Gautam says how happy he is with the Hindi version output, I can already imagine how awesome it came out, ”Nani said in an interview with Pinkvilla.

He said he was looking forward to the Jersey Hindi remake. He said that Shahid Kapoor could play the role well. He said, “One hundred percent. I think he does well. He’s an amazing performer and can really penetrate the character’s skin. ”

Shahid talked about the films he was doing earlier and the sweet success he had after Kabir Singh. Before winning with Kabir Singh in 2019, Shahid said he was unhappy with the way his career was shaping up. “I saw the jersey before Kabir Singh. By the time I saw it, I was not happy. I was wondering where my career would go and what to do next. About the person. “

The jersey also stars Shahid Kapoor’s father Pankaj Kapoor and Mrinal Thakur. It comes into theaters for Diwali. Shahid hopes the theaters will reopen by then. He shared in an earlier statement, “We want to be as late as possible because of the epidemic. Diwali is a great time to release a jersey. By then the theaters will have reopened. If they don’t, we’ll update fans about the release. ”

On the work front, Shahid recently started shooting for his upcoming web series schedule with filmmaker duo Raj and DK at Film City in Mumbai.


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