Mira Rajput shares a pic with Misha while mother and daughter roam in front of the camera

Actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife, Mira Rajput, posted a photo with their daughter Misha after a long time. Going to Instagram Stories, I put up a picture where the two can be seen sulking in front of the camera.

Mira became a year older than her age on Tuesday. Although she didn’t post any pictures of the ceremonies, she was retweeting all the wishes that were on her way to her Instagram Stories. One of them had Mira with Misha and a group of other children. The photo was originally shared by Noor Wadwani, Mira’s sister, with whom she wrote, “Happy birthday, Sassi Massi.”

Mira Kapoor with Misha and other children in a new photo.
Mira Kapoor with Misha and other children in a new photo.

However, Mira has shared new photos from a hill station. While she was in one of the photos, taken alone, the others gave a glimpse of the place – the misty atmosphere, the flowers, and the picnic baskets.

For her birthday, Shahid had dropped a note and photos to wish her. He wrote, “Not just to share your joys but to share your sorrows as well. Not just for every day we smile in each other’s arms but for the days when we cry in each other’s arms. You are the center of my world. And I wouldn’t want that any other way. Happy happy birthday.” “


In August and September, the Kapoor family witnessed three celebrations, starting with Misha’s 5th birthday on August 26, followed by Mira and Zain Shahid’s third son’s birthday on September 5, and finally Mira’s birthday on Tuesday.

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Mira and Shahid got married in 2015. Their parents arranged the match. They have an age gap of 13 years. Shahid is often asked to comment on this.

In an interview with Vogue India, he addressed the issue and mentioned how he, too, wondered if it would last up to 15 minutes when they first met. He said, “The only thought that crossed my mind was, ‘Here we are sitting in this room on two big sofas with no one else around… Shall we last up to 15 minutes?'” “



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