Mira Rajput shares a glimpse of her son’s third birthday celebrations, calling him “my superhero”. look here

  • Mira Rajput posted a photo from her three-year-old son Zain’s birthday celebrations on Sunday. Although she did not share a picture of him.

Posted on Sep 05, 2021 06:34 PM IST

Mira Rajput, wife of actor Shahid Kapoor, took to her Instagram stories to give a glimpse into her son Zain’s birthday celebrations. The boy turned three on Sunday.

Sharing a photo, Mira wrote, “Happy birthday my superhero.” It showed a string of red, blue and yellow colored wreaths hanging in an open space with the alphabets of “Happy Birthday” written on it. A huge balloon of the number three was also spotted as was a balloon in the form of a comic character, Spider-Man. Half of the face of Marvel superhero The Hulk was also visible.

Earlier today, Mira shared a video of her assembling a toy version of the construction vehicle, the JCB excavator. While sharing the video, she wrote: “My builder mom. Happy birthday my beloved son Zayn. Ignite your obsession with JCBs and construction the day you can sit with all the cement mixers and road rollers around and I’d be happy to spend 2 hours building. This JCB is for you again.” Build with your imagination and love the way you do. I’ll take petrol kisses from you until the age of twenty! God bless you, Jin.”

A look at Zain Kapoor's birthday celebrations.
A look at Zain Kapoor’s birthday celebrations.

Just last week, Mira celebrated her daughter Misha’s birthday. Sharing photos from the party, she wrote, “This year’s M birthday was all about rainbows, bright colors and less intricate decor! Last year I was so excited to be a DIY party planner. Birthdays and a year later, all I can do is think of getting to Christmas as a guest!”

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While Mira and Shahid have been more open about sharing pictures of their children in the past, they have stopped doing so for a while now.

Mira and Shahid got married in 2015 and welcomed their first child Misha in 2016. They welcomed their second child, Zayn, in 2018. Over the years, Mira has created a very strong fan following on Instagram. Her fans are keenly following her beauty and lifestyle videos and photos.




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