Man dies after being hit by actor Rajat Bedi’s car, police add negligent death to FIR

  • The man who was injured in a car accident with actor Rajat Bedi has died during treatment. Police added IPC Section 304-A (Causing Death by Negligence) in the FIR registered against the perpetrator.


Posted on September 09, 2021 at 2:57 PM IST

Police said, on Wednesday, that the man who was injured in a traffic accident with the car of actor Rajat Bedi in the suburb of Andheri died during treatment. Following the death of the injured victim late Tuesday night, DN Nagar Police added Section 304-A (Causing Death by Negligence) of the Indian Penal Code in the FIR registered against the actor, an official said.

He said Rajat Bedi has not yet been arrested. “The worker, victim of the accident, Rajesh Buddha, has been declared dead at Kober Hospital where he has been treated for the past two days,” the official said. Police said the accident occurred on Monday evening near a temple in Andheri when the actor was on his way home.

The pedestrian, who was drunk, suddenly came in the middle of the road and I hit the actor’s car before the latter could apply the brakes.

The injured Rajat was taken to nearby Kober Hospital and then went to DN Nagar Police Station where he reported the incident to the police officer on duty, police said.

The police registered a case against the actor under sections 279 of the Indian Penal Code (Reckless Driving) and 338 (causing severe harm through an act that threatens the life or personal safety of others).

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Rajat has acted in several films, including Hrithik Roshan-Starr Koi…Mail Gaya, and His Partner, which featured Salman Khan.




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