Mallika Sherawat facing casting coach: ‘A lot of actors have started taking liberties with me’

Actress Mallika Sherawat says that due to her ‘bold’ screen image, many male actors tried to take ‘liberties’ with her, but she accepted her opinion and refused to compromise.

In an interview, Mallika spoke about what the casting coach has experienced in the film industry and how she has faced such situations. She says she was very lucky to grow into stardom.

When asked if she had ever encountered a casting coach, she said to Pinkvilla, “I have never faced it directly … I grew up in stardom, I was so lucky, it was so easy. When I came to Mumbai, I was killed and murdered. I don’t have to work too hard. But after the movies, Murder was a very bold movie so, and that kind of bold image was established, a lot of male actors started taking a lot of freedom with me, and they said you can be so brave on screen, so you can be brave with us personally too. “

She continued, “They did not distinguish between on-screen and on-screen personality, where I faced very difficult situations because I was a very strong woman, and I told the male actor, ‘I’m sorry, I’m not compromising’. I did not come to Bollywood to compromise, I came here to do a career. That’s why they never worked with me. “

In another recent interview, Mallika said that women deliberately put themselves in such situations and made sure not to attend parties that would benefit her.

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When asked if she was actively trying to ‘stay away’ from people who give bad vibes, she said to the Bollywood bubble, “I always, because all of this happens when you put yourself in that position, I feel like. In the office but not met. I kept myself away, and I thought, ‘Joe Mary Kismat May Hai Wo Mere Pass Aye (I get what I thought). I don’t have to do all this. ”



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