Kunal Kemmu posted a beautiful video of Inaya on the occasion of Daughters’ Day, Kareena Kapoor is in love with her ‘Inni Poo’

Kunal Kemmu shared a video of Inaya on the occasion of Children’s Day on Sunday. The video comes with some wishes that Kunal wants for her.

Updated September 26, 2021 08:37 PM IST

Kunal Kemmu congratulated his daughter Inaya on the occasion of Daughters’ Day video. In the clip, Inaya is dressed in blue and looks at the pond at sunset.

“Be famous for what you have achieved. I will be called your father. You must fulfill all your goals and fulfill all your desires. If you face obstacles in your path, your courage will overcome all. There is nothing more precious than a daughter. Every man can embrace them,” he said. Said in the video.


Sharing the video, he wrote, “My thoughts, wishes and my hopes for you, my dear girl … putting them in the universe for daughters and parents to echo the same feelings.” Kunal showered Inaya with friends and family love and compliments. Aunt Kareena Kapoor wrote, “Innnniiiii pooooo. God bless love. “Maria Goretti wrote, ” Smooth little hugs for your little love, now and always from all of us. ” Angira Dhar commented,” It’s so beautiful. “

Inaya’s mother, actor Soha Ali Khan also shared a Daughters’ Day special post on Instagram. Sharing a photo with her, Inaya and Soha’s mother Sharmila Tagore, Soha wrote, “A daughter will crawl into your lap (although this picture is different) but she will never break your heart – Anon #NationalNatterdays #HappyDodersday.” Soha and Inaya clicked a photo during a recent Pataudi tour.


Soha’s older sister Saba Ali Khan also greeted them. “A daughter is always a daughter. Love so much … my baby sis..my first daughter;) and she. My John Inni,” she commented on the Soha post.

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Other stars who celebrated Daughters’ Day on Sunday were Amitabh Bachchan, Meera Rajput, Dia Mirza and Karan Johar. Amitabh shares photos with his daughter Shweta Bachchan Nanda; Mira shares a picture of her daughter Misha climbing a tree; Dia shared a family photo with her stepdaughter Samira and Karan shared a rare picture of her daughter Ruhi.




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