Actor The work I say She and her co-star remembered the ‘funny’ evening Sushant Singh Rajput They met their Rabta director Dinesh Vision to ruminate about the poor opening of the film. Robta, the first fantasy-directed romance-drama directed by Dinesh, failed critically and commercially.

In the face of bad reviews and a lukewarm box office work, the trio met with a bottle of wine during a chat with the film companion and decided to discuss what went wrong. During the making of the film, the work says that he warned Dinesh and Sushant that the flashbacks in the film were not very effective, but they looked at him as ‘Isko Kuch Nahi song (she knows what)’.

The actor said, “You have to accept what happened. You are making movies for the audience, you can not say unko samaj nahi aayi (they did not understand). Agar unko samaj nahi aayi tumhari galti hai (if they do not understand it is your fault). You can’t say ‘we are ahead of our time’. No, you were making movies for that time, you had to connect with the audience. Where did you fail? You have to figure it out. ”

She continued, “It was a funny night. We were all upset, we were depressed, we had really bad reviews and we didn’t know what to say. Dino means, ‘Ajao yaar, mood is bad (come on, guys, I’m in a bad mood)’. Went there and opened the wine bottle. Dino said, ‘I think it’s flashbacks, I should have kept it simple. Why did you become a tribal? ‘ Previously, there was a draft containing the common king-queen. It’s more relative to people, right? But we seemed to want to go a little different I drank a glass of wine, and I said so!

The work says that he has learned a lot from the film ‘Failure’ and failures in general. Rabta’s legacy will always be linked to Sushant who died in 2020. The work recalls how Sushant took notes on his scripts in the same interview and started following the same process from Rabta.

The actor has a pack slate of upcoming projects. She appears in Shehzad with Karthik Aryan, Bachchan Pandey with Akshay Kumar, Ganpat with Tiger Shroff and other films.


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