Kareena Kapoor says it’s ‘incomprehensible’ that people can troll her children Taimur, Jahangir

Kareena Kapoor has denounced the criticism she and her husband, actor Saif Ali Khan, received for naming their two sons Taimur and Jahangir. The couple found themselves in the midst of controversy after several social media users attacked them after they mistakenly thought they named their sons after tyrants.

In a recent interview, Karina spoke about trolling and said that she felt “terrible” that her family and children had been exposed to it.

“Honestly, these are names we just liked; nothing else. They are beautiful names and they are beautiful boys. It is incomprehensible why a child is preying on children. I feel terrible about it, but I just have to focus and get over it. I can’t look at my life,” she said with the guard. by trolls.

Many people online believe that the name of their eldest son Timur was inspired by the Turkish conqueror, Timur, who conquered Delhi in 1398. Heavy criticism prompted Kareena and Saif to rename him.

Four years later, when the couple welcomed their second son, they chose to keep his name a secret for several months before it was revealed in her self-help book, Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pregnancy bible. The revelation caused yet another uproar on the internet as a certain section of the internet accused the couple of naming Jahangir after the Mughal emperor in the 17th century.

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Along with Kareena, her sister-in-law Saba Ali Khan defended the names of the couple’s children. On Thursday, Saba shared a photo of Kareena and Jahangir from their recent trip to the Maldives and wrote, “When a mother carries her baby inside and gives him or her life…only her and the father…are allowed to decide…from how and what the baby will grow..and the name.”

“No one… no one else, including other family members, who might gladly suggest, should have a say in anything!” She added.



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