Kareena Kapoor on naming her sons Timur and Jahangir: ‘They are beautiful names we like, nothing more’

Kareena Kapoor was never afraid to talk about her pregnancy journey, so she has now released a book on it. Kareena Kapoor KhanPregnancy Bible. The book does not shy away from harsh or embarrassing topics as the actor talks about the milestones in his journey.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the superstar talked about mood swings, how the industry feels about a pregnant woman and not wanting to airbrush her photos. Shooting during her second pregnancy with son Jeh.

Kareena also says in her book about sex and sex drive during her two pregnancies, “No one likes to talk about bruising and swelling of the legs and not looking sexy enough, or hair falling, or getting into such a bad mood. That’s why we talk about sex in the book. Many women in India are afraid to solve this problem. But these are the things we need to talk about. “

Kareena was one of the rare actresses who at that time felt that she should not seduce her child or hide behind something. Kapoor Khan says she wants to ‘own’ that stage completely in her life. “A lot of Bollywood actors, when they are pregnant, do not go out of the house because they are stressed about how they will look, they are no longer this glamor diva, they are worried if people put some weight on themselves to assess themselves. Those bans are still a lot. But I own it I wanted to do that, “the actor added.

Kareena filmed popularly for some commercials for the Puma brand while waiting for GEMA, where photos were suggested to be airbrushed. But Kareena did not like to manipulate her pictures and said, “I do not want my photos to be airbrushed, because I do not look as thin as Kate Moss … I do not like to look like that in my photos.”

And after the noise around her womb died, people became obsessed with the names of her children – Timur and Jahangir. Because trolls get into the family Boys’ Names. Explaining her stance on the controversial topic, Kareena Kapoor said, “Honestly, these are the names we like; it’s nothing more. They are cute names and they are cute guys. I do not understand why someone trolls children. I can’t see my life through trolls. “

In terms of work, Kareena Kapoor Khan is waiting for the release of Lal Singh Chadha starring alongside her on-screen partner Aamir Khan. The film is an official adaptation of Tom Hanks blockbuster Forest Gump.



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