Kapil Sharma asks Siddharth Malhotra if kissing Kiara Advani in Sher Shah is his ‘creative input’, see his answer

The new ‘uncensored’ version of The Kapil Sharma show episode starring Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani has been shared online. In the video, host Kapil Sharma teases Siddharth about his kissing scene with Kiara in Shersha. There were rumors that the two actors were in a relationship.

Kapil brings the kissing scene to Shersha and asks Siddharth, “Which Vice Story May Linka Tha Ya Appki Creative Input Thee (Is It Part Of The Script Or Your Creative Input)?”

Siddharth said 90% of what was shown in Shersha was actually what happened in the life of Captain Vikram Batra. “Wa baki ke 10% ki bat kar raha hoon mein (I’m asking about the remaining 10%),” Kapil teased, leaving him and Kiara apart.

“Nahi, nahi, wo bhi saab hamne kirdar ke liye … karna pada, bohot mushkil se, forced …” Siddharth said.

This episode aired earlier this month. In the episode, Kapil flirts with Kiara and says that she can always come alone on the Kapil Sharma show if she wants to meet him. “Bhaiya ka hi ghar hai (this is your brother’s house)” Siddharth interrupted.

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Siddharth and Kiara are reportedly dating. Although they are just close friends, the paparazzi are often clicked on dates and are heard together even in the New Year in the Maldives.

In the past, in Coffee with Karan, Siarth has denied the relationship with Kiara, saying, “The rumors and hook-ups I did in the tabloids, in real life, I think are less fun. I want them to be true. My life is not as colorful as people read. ”



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