Actress Kangana Ranaut said on Thursday that Hollywood movies need to be discouraged and instead Indian stories in different languages ​​need to be promoted.

The 34-year-old actress, who is based in the national capital to promote her upcoming Talaivi movie based on the biography of the late J Jayalalithaa, said it was important to prioritize “our people and our industry” to make “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

“We must discourage American and English films from taking over our screens. We must act as one nation. We must stop dividing ourselves into North India or South India. We must first enjoy our own films, whether Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu or Punjabi,” Ranout told reporters at a press conference. .

The actor said that Hollywood has destroyed French, Italian, German and other industries by creating a global monopoly.

“This is what they are doing here too … We do not admire each other and look at the dubbed version of the Lion King or the Jungle Book. But we do not give a chance to the dubbed version of the Malayalam film. It does not work in our favor. We have to make our people and our industry our priority. To make Atmanirbhar Bharat That’s the way it is, “she said.

Ranaut’s latest film, Talaivi, simultaneously in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu, was directed by AL Vijay and written by KV Vijayendra Prasad, Madhan Karki and Rajat Arora.

Ranaut, who plays the former CM of Tamil Nadu in the film, said he had a different understanding of politicians, but everything changed after she took on the role.

“We usually see politicians from a certain lens but we actually don’t know anything about their lives and how they are … but when I took on this role, I needed to understand how hard that job was, how hard they worked … the politics of politicians I believe we will often be tough on them because of the success, ”she said.

At the press conference, Talaivi also mentioned her quarrel with the multiplex owners over the release of the Hindi version.

Major multiplex chains refused to screen the Hindi version of the film in North India because they were only given a two-week window, but Tamil and Telugu versions were shown in theaters for four weeks before going to OTT.

Runout said multiplex theater owners have different rules for movies starring big heroes.

“We ‘ve seen in the past that they’ re great at releasing films of big heroes and big studios.

Kangana Ranaut is the leader Kangana Ranaut in still from Talaivi.

The actress said that Jayalalithaa can have a lot of relationships as her personal struggles are similar to the challenges faced by the late politicians in her life.

“As a woman working in the men’s world, I feel that women are underestimated, especially in leadership roles. When it comes to leading, women are not clear choices and Jaya Maa also struggled with it.

“Similarly, when I became a director, I also faced a lot of flak from all sides. I was also banned by the media and the film industry … so these are the things I faced. I gave a political opinion and my house was demolished because of it, even though the court later said it was a criminal act. .I have been proven, at the same time, they tried to strangle me, ”the actor said while talking about the BMC ‘s decision to demolish his office in Mumbai last year.

When asked if making a political movie like Talaivi was a step towards getting into the political world, Ranaut said he was not a politician.

“I am a nationalist and speak a lot for the country. That is why people believe that I am interested in politics. These are two different things. People brought me to this level because I know I am not a politician, I am a responsible citizen and I will speak on their behalf,” she said.

She said the decision to get into politics was not hers.

“Whether I get into politics or not, this decision is not mine. Without the support of the people, a person cannot even win in the panchayat elections. “It simply came to our notice then.

Produced by Vishnu Vardhan Induri and Shailesh R Singh, Talaivi also features Arvind Swamy, Nasser and Bhagyashree.

The film is set to release in theaters on Friday.


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