Kangana Ranaut says she will unfollow her sister Rangoli Chandel in a hilarious video saying ‘I don’t need you in my life’

Actress Kangana Ranaut believes that South Industry is a more harmonious and family place to work compared to Bollywood. Actor, whose film తలైవి, Released just now, Bollywood believes there is a lot to learn from other industries. Kangana Her unfiltered views also opened up about how she got into trouble and she had to deal with the financial consequences.

In an interview with RJ Rounak, Kangana was asked about expressing her political views and turning sides, and she faced a serious backlash on social media. Speaking about this she said, “When I look around the country, as an actor there is no problem if you talk about breaking up the country. But if you talk about reassembling it, there is a problem. Referring to the consequences when she expressed her views, she said, “My brands have abandoned me, my contracts have been terminated, I have suffered financial loss of crores of rupees.”

When asked if she ever thinks twice about posting on social media, she insists she doesn’t do it because she’s so pretty ‘straight’ that way. “My approach to life is how I am, I am not two-faced. My thought process is layered and complicated, but there are no two faces, one for the public and one for me, just one.

Talking about the difference between Bollywood and South Industry, Kangana “Bollywood does not have the spirit to be united to bring the industry forward. There are a lot of jealous people like the crab mentality to bring others down. That’s where their vision is. I hope it changes.”

Asked who she should not follow on Instagram, she joked, “I will not follow Rangoli” to avoid further controversy. Rangoli Chandel is Kangana’s sister. She took the courage from the show host to call her last dialed number, saying it was her sister, and that she no longer wanted them in her life. When Kangana called, her sister replied, “Main fir bhi rahoongi (I’m still there).” This is my sister’s inspiration, “Kangana said.

K Jayalalithaa’s biopic Kangana Ranaut was released on September 10.


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