Kangana Ranaut responds to Simi Garewal Talaivi tweet: ‘Because I am a nationalist’

Simi Garewal was one of the celebrities who attended the Talaivi Special Screening in Mumbai. There is an actor Everyone praises Kangana Ranaut for her performance Leading actor-politician Jayalalithaa. However, before praising her work in the film, Simi mentioned how she does not support Kangana’s “radical comments”.

“Alto I do not support the radical comments of #KanganaRaunout..I support her acting talent. In #Tailavi she gives her heart and soul! Jaya-I wanted Aishwarya to play her role..JJ Wood HV who got thumbs up approval for the role of Kangana. In the case of arThearvindswamy, he is the reincarnation of MGR “Simi tweeted.

That tweet did not go well with the Kangana Ranaut fan, who questioned why other actors had nothing to do with such sentences. Citing the examples of Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, the fan asked, “Why special phrases for Kangana?” The tweet caught Kangana’s eye, then she shared a screenshot of the tweet in her Instagram story and tagged herself as a “nationalist”. “Since Kangana is a nationalist,” she wrote on it.

Kangana Ranaut Kangana Ranaut shared this on her Instagram. (Photo: Kangana Ranaut / Instagram)

On Saturday, when a fan questioned Simini in a tweet for Kangana, the actor said, “I do not hate #Kangana Runout !! We have been friends for years. She never hurt me. We had lunch at each other’s homes. We always shared good vibes. But not the same views. “

Before work, Talaivi is performing well in theaters And Kangana celebrates her victory to the fullest. “Great time for content makers. Before the release, we’ve reimbursed the cost and everything after that is a bonus. Meanwhile, multiplexes can behave like big bullies and wait for the day when they will have to pay to get exclusive content like everyone else,” Kangana wrote, referring to the movie of the year. Announced.

In another Instagram story, Kangana, who appealed to multiplexes to support Talawi, called on the “movie mafia and fake feminists” not to praise the film, which had the “courage to face the epidemic”.

“Meanwhile, the film mafia and the fake feminists have no words of encouragement or praise for my team hiding in their hellish guppies, but now they have started smear campaigns for the limited release of the film. At least, we have the courage to face the pandemic. Also coming soon. Someone has to start somewhere and we have done it. We have to encourage each other and revive the film business and overcome the beautiful emotions, ”she wrote in her note.

Kangana Ranaut’s Talaivi was released on September 10. Actors Tejas and Dhakad are also set for release.


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