Kangana Ranaut reacts to Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds’ recent statement about “Hollywood imitating Bollywood”. While promoting his latest film Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds made a witty appeal to his Indian fans in a video released earlier this week.

Explaining the various aspects of the film, Ryan finds out that Free Guy has all the tropes of a typical Bollywood movie. “If you’re wondering if Hollywood is just imitating Bollywood … the answer is yes. We are not ashamed, we are not ashamed,” Reynolds said of his excellent sense of humor, he said in the video.

Kangana Ranaut is the head of Ryan Reynolds Free Guy Kangana Ranaut wrote in her Instagram stories.

Sharing an Instagram article with Ryan’s statement, Kangana Ranaut said that besides imitating Bollywood, Hollywood is also trying to steal Indian theater screens. “And trying to steal our screens …” the lead actor wrote.

While promoting her recently released headline, Kangana told a news conference. “As American and English films take over our screens we must discourage them. We must behave as one nation. We must stop dividing ourselves as North India or South India. Whether Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu or Punjabi, we must first enjoy our own films.


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