Kangana Ranaut lashes out at Alia Bhatt’s wedding announcement: ‘Stop cheating on innocent customers …’

After Alia Bhatt’s latest marriage announcement led to controversy online, Kangana Ranaut joined the discussion. She went to Instagram and shared posts, urging brands not to mix ‘religion’ in their ads to manipulate ‘innocent customers’.

Alia’s wedding proclamation questions the ‘Kanyadan’ tradition, where the bride’s parents ‘give’ her to the groom. Kangana wrote in a lengthy post that women are worshiped in the scriptures and there is no harm in seeing them as a ‘source of valuable existence’.

In the title of her post, Kangana wrote, “Humble request to all brands ద్దు .. Do not use religion, minority, majority politics to sell goods”. Stop manipulating ideas and statements that cleverly divide innocent consumers … “

In her post, Kangana Kanyadan writes on tradition and the concept of abandonment. She appealed to the people to stop ‘mocking’ Hindu customs. “We often see the father of a martyr on television, when he loses a son at the border, they roar ‘Don’t worry, I have another son, Uska bhi dan main is dharti ma ko dunga. Kanyadan ho ya putradan, the way society sees the concept of abandonment shows its core value system. .. “

See Kangana’s full post here:

In the ad, while sitting at the porch with her husband, Alia mentions every member of her family — grandmother, father and mother — and how much they love her. However, she opposed the Kanyadan method in marriages. No matter how much she loves him, she always asks why he is considered ‘other’ and temporary in their family. “Is it something I should donate? Why only Kanyadan, ”she asks in her inner monologue. She was shocked when her mother-in-law and father-in-law also gave birth to their son. Everyone laughs, and the couple gets married. While it has been hailed as a modern concept and a strong message for women’s empowerment, others have echoed Kangana’s sentiments.

Kangana Ranaut, who is in a legal battle with Javed Akhtar, last appeared in the theatrical release of Talaivi on September 10.



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