Kangana Ranaut, Javed Akhtar lash out at Shiv Sena after court hearing: ‘Lone warrior facing hyenas’

Actor Kangana Ranaut appeared in court in Andheri on Monday in a defamation suit filed against him by poet-lyricist Javed Akhtar. The Queen actor did not appear at the final hearing and PTI reported that it was her first appearance since the February summons. The court said An arrest warrant will be issued against her If she does not appear this time.

Kangana later lashed out at the author on social media and said she was a ‘lone warrior’. She also claimed that the case was filed against her under ‘Shiv Sena pressure’.

“Remember those who can’t make you, they can’t break you … when in this eye of the storm ….. look in the eye and …. pose …. Javed Akhtar case filed by him today under Shiv Sena pressure is under investigation. Even a lone warrior faces hyenas in style … “Kangana wrote. She also posted some selfies from her car.

Rizwan Siddiqui, Ranaut’s lawyer, told the court that the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate had filed a transfer application seeking transfer of the case to another court, as reported by The Indian Express. Siddiqui said he had filed the petition as he had lost faith in the court on the matter.

Siddiqui also said that a counter-complaint was filed by Ranaut accused Akhtar of extortion and criminal intimidation. Akhtar’s lawyer Jay Bhardwaj told the court that a new ground had been filed every time to delay the matter and that the court had followed the procedure as per the law.

The Andheri Metropolitan Court said it would hold a hearing only after the transfer applications were resolved. It posted a hearing on November 15. The transfer petition will be heard by the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on October 1.

Runout appeared in court and completed her pending bail formalities.



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